Michigan Youth Lacrosse Association
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2016 US Lacrosse - MI / MYLA Youth Championships

Saturday and Sunday May 28 and 29


Legacy Center

9299 Goble Dr, Brighton, MI 48116



1) MYLA Guide - The 2016 MYLA Info Guide is now available. This guide is meant to be a resource for your program during the upcoming season. Inside, you will find information about rules, game and safety procedures, important contacts, and a host of other information designed to answer administrator, coach, and parent questions quickly and easily. Please share this resource! It is our hope that by standardizing the way we play the game in Michigan, we will create a stronger base from which Michigan youth lacrosse can grow.

2) Membership - Do you still need to become a MYLA or US Lacrosse member? You can do so through the following links:
3) Officials - MYLA has partnered with official's organizations across the state (MichLOA, CAOA, WMLOA) in order to improve the quality and availability of officials for youth games. Assignors will only provide US Lacrosse Certified officials for MYLA games. We also recently launched an initiative to bring officials training to your community. Learn more about how nominating only 3+ individuals to receive training can help your program here.

4) New Rules - There are some new youth rules for the boys game in 2016. Rules are listed in the Info Guide, but there have been three changes to be particularly aware of:
a) Sticks - Any strings or leathers are limited to a hanging length of two inches. In addition, any additional laces/strings (e.g. shooting strings, v channels) must be located within four inches from the to of the crosse. No more than one side-wall string on each sidewall is allowed.
b) Faceoffs - Players are not longer allowed to pick the ball up and carry it in the back of their stick. It can still be clamped, but must be quickly moved/raked.
c) "Over and back" - For the 5/6 (U13) and 7/8 (U15) teams where advancement rules apply, if the ball returns to the defensive end after an offensive team has satisfied the advancement count (other than rebound/deflection) it will result in a turnover. Defenders can still bat the ball to keep it in the offensive zone, but if they possess it, it will be a turnover.


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